MFD part 1/INBDE Course

By Farah

MFD part 1/INBDE Course

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We explain the inbde using the dental decks as our main resource, covering each of the following subjects:

  1. Pharmacology
  2. Patient management and ethics
  3. Public health, epidemiology, statistics, and research
  4. Diagnosis and Treatment planning
  5. Radiology
  6. Operative
  7. Endodontics
  8. Prosthodontics
  9. Oral surgery
  10. Pathology and oral medicine
  11. Periodontics
  12. Pedodontics and orthodontics
  13. Dental and oral anatomy and occlusion

This course has been designed to serve the students whether they are attending the exam or not.

Added value

If you are in your basics years, this course will prepare you for your upcoming clinical training years, will help you expand your dental knowledge and will wrap up the basic medical materials and link it to your dental knowledge. For example: general pathology to oral pathology, general anatomy to oral anatomy, and some of the basic physiology, biochem, and microbiology will be covered briefly.

If you are in your clinical years or have graduated, this course is mandatory if youre thinking of taking the inbde or mfd exam to pursue higher education or get accredited or even find a job, not to mention that the National American Dental Boards and membership of RCSI obtained from passing the inbde or mfd exams are great add-ons to your business card or social media page ;)

If you are attending the exam, we save you time and effort. In just ? hours the course covers 2\3 of the material which you can easily study in just ?.  


Extra features

  1. You might freak out asking around about resources and repeated questions, however, we got you as once you subscribe, triple S academy will not leave you alone. You will be added to a whatsApp group where all your questions will be answered any time by our expert lecturers.
  2. This course also discusses some of the tricky questions you might face in the exam and strengthens your clinical and problem solving skills which is basically what the exam is all about.



Mixed English material with Arabic explanation.


  1. Dental decks
  2. Mental dental
  3. Dental mastery volumes




Name: Farah Baaba'

Bachelor's degree in Oral and Dental Medicine/University of Jordan American Board of Dentistry NBDE Advanced Endodontic Course / Jordan

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Omar Ghatasheh

11 months ago

الشرح كثير واضح وشامل المادة كاامله

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